Outdated Beliefs Still Held Today, But No Longer Serving Revenue Leaders

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5 Sales Revenue Leaders Expose Outdated Beliefs No Longer Serving Us

Things are changing – fast! Keeping up with the ever-changing go-to-market landscape can be challenging, even for those operating in the trenches.

That’s why one of my favorite things to ask is what one widely held belief is that revenue leaders hold that they think is bull**** or no longer serving us. Here are 5 sales executives’ answers – let’s get into it.

Constantly jumping to follow the money early in your career is beneficial.

Instead, focus on finding people you like to work with, can build with, and think are really smart.

Compound those interests together and keep iterating yourself. The best outcomes come from building great companies with people you trust and grow with over time. 

[David Greenberger (Vice President, Head of North America at CHEQ)]

There’s a misconception that every business is a unique snowflake requiring special treatment.

In reality, most businesses share fundamental similarities. Overcomplicating things and trying to address every nuance can hinder scalability.

It’s crucial to stick to basics and operate as a business rather than getting lost in perceived uniqueness.

[Noah Marks (SVP & Head of Commercial Strategy & Operations at Diligent)]

The belief that a single rep or sales leader with unique domain experience will change the trajectory of your revenue growth is flawed.

There are no silver bullet hires. Instead, focus on building a team committed to being curious, going on the journey with customers, listening, and learning.

Internal candidates often provide the best fit due to their understanding of the culture and processes.

[Elizabeth Pemmerl (Chief Revenue Officer at GitHub)]

The idea that having multiple priorities is effective.

Ruthless prioritization and focus are essential for success. Trying to do too many things at once can lead to distractions and inefficiencies.

It’s better to concentrate on doing the right things in the right order to create a multiplier effect and achieve more impactful results.

[Eric Gilpin (Chief Revenue Officer at G2)]

Leaders believing they can attract top talent without putting themselves out there. 

Top talent needs to know about the leader they are going to work for.

Leaders need to make contributions to the industry and let their strengths and gifts be known. If they keep these close to the vest, potential top talent won’t learn about them or be inspired to join their team.

[Ralph Barsi (VP of Sales at Kahua)]

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