Presenting the Brand New Sales Hacker Podcast—B2B Sales Insights Every Tuesday

Big announcement out of the Sales Hacker camp today. I’d dropped a note about a very exciting launch from Sales Hacker on our yearly recap and roadmap post last quarter.

I’m thrilled to announce that the Sales Hacker Podcast is now live!

Everything You Need To Know About the Sales Hacker Podcast

What’s the Sales Hacker Podcast all about?

The Sales Hacker Podcast is carefully designed to give you tangible, practical insights about B2B sales. Every Tuesday, top VPs of Sales, investors, and founders will gather ‘round the sales roundtable to break down sales strategies, make you think, and help you deliver a gut punch to your sales goals!

Here’s how you can tune in


About our host

The podcast is hosted by our friend and one of the top forward-thinking CROs in the game, Mr. Sam Jacobs.

Sales Hacker Podcast Announcement: Sam Jacobs

Sam is the Founder of Aqueduct Revenue Advisors and the New York Revenue Collective. He has has over 15 years of experience scaling companies from post-revenue to ~$300M. He has helped raise over $400M in institutional capital, and has helped companies of all sizes achieve an average annualized revenue growth rate of 48% over the last 15 years.

Sam dives deep into the tactics and strategies used by other senior revenue leaders from companies like Atlassian, AlphaSights, CB Insight, ServiceMax, and many more.

The format

My favorite part is the format. The beginning of each episode reads as their baseball card, setting the stage and context for the conversation. Then Sam digs into the meat of the conversation, keeping things honest and real while pulling out the essential info. At the end of each episode Sam gives his seasoned input on the key talking points as a helpful recap.

In every podcast recap, you’ll find:

  • Top 4-5 takeaways
  • Overarching themes with timestamps
  • A crisp, lightly edited transcript

Why We’re Launching a Podcast Now

When we ran our 2017 survey to our list, the number 1 thing our audience requested was a podcast. I thought we already had enough amazing content but my team and your input clearly pushed back.

Sales Hacker Podcast: Survey Results

So, I told my team we really could only do it under two conditions:

1) We had to have someone host it that knew their stuff and could carry an engaging and knowledge-packed conversation.

2) We had to have a unique format for delivery of said knowledge. No fluff. Just nonstop concise nuggets of wisdom.

We took our time, but I’ll tell you this—we nailed both.

Just Released: 3 Brand New Episodes

Episode 01:

Sales Hacker Podcast 01: Sales Career Ladder

In this inaugural episode of the Sales Hacker podcast, we talk with Kiva Kolstein, Chief Revenue Officer at AlphaSense.

Episode overview:

  • How to map your career from individual contributor to manager
  • Why you should spend time with and invest in your new hires
  • How to know if a company is a good fit for you and your skills
  • How a cohesive leadership team should function

Episode 02:

Sales Hacker Podcast 02: Evolution of Sales

On this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we talk with Steve Denton, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Collective[i].

Episode overview:

  • How to adapt in a sales world that is constantly changing
  • How to avoid wasting your existing opportunities and close the deals in front of you
  • Why you have to be the most prepared person in the room
  • The three biggest decisions you can make in your career

Episode 03:

Sales Hacker Podcast 03: Creating a Revenue Model

In episode 03, we talk with Jess Hunt, Head of Global Marketing, Sales & Strategy for Axiom about creating a revenue model.

Episode overview:

  • Why your CFO shouldn’t own the revenue model
  • Real world advice on how to successfully grow your company’s revenue
  • How to develop a sophisticated sales recruiting engine
  • Why training is crucial to successful enablement
  • If you’re looking for the most actionable, practitioner-led sales podcast, look no further.

To check out the show notes, see upcoming guests, and play more episodes from our incredible lineup of sales leaders, visit

You can also find the Sales Hacking podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. If you enjoy our lineup, please give us a share on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Special thanks to for sponsoring the first month of the podcast!

Max Altschuler is currently the VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach. He is as passionate about the sales profession as they come. He created the premier B2B Sales media company for all things sales innovation, Sales Hacker, and ramped them up to over 150,000 monthly visitors before joining Outreach through acquisition. At Outreach, he leads all things marketing, along with the continued evolution of the Sales Hacker community. Max is a highly regarded sales thought-leader published by Forbes, Time, Inc, Harvard Business Review, and Quora. He wrote the book on modern sales called Hacking Sales: The Playbook For Building A High Velocity Sales Machine, which was published by Wiley.

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