Sales Prospecting Techniques on G2Crowd: How To Vulture Your Competitor’s Customers

Sales prospecting and cold emailing is tough. In an ideal situation, you can build a list of the right ones in seconds. Furthermore, if you can find a place where your prospects are talking s**t about your competitors and offer up a way to contact them, then you’ve struck gold.

Sounds good right?

I’m going to show you exactly how to swipe your competitor’s customers with an advanced sales prospecting technique that you’ve probably never tried before. 

Buckle up and get ready to extract dozens (and maybe even hundreds) of leads in minutes.

You Won’t Get Different Results, By Doing The Same Actions

Like I mentioned earlier, pounding the phones and traditional prospecting can be very challenging and time consuming.

But you’ve heard of G2Crowd right?

If you’re in SaaS or sell to SaaS companies, or even better, you sell to their customers, then you’ll find some good prospects on G2Crowd.

G2Crowd is a fast-growing review site where people write detailed reviews of what they like and dislike about a product.

These people are likely not only their customers, but a key influencer or decision maker in the buying process for it in their company.

If they’re reviewing your competitor, or reviewing a similar or complementary software to yours, they’re a prime prospect for you.

Does it get any easier than that? Get ready for some booked meetings.

Sales Prospecting Science In 9 Steps

In this video, I’ll show you how you can reach out to these people for FREE!

Even better, I’ll show you how you can do it at scale with some simple web scraping.

Step 1 – Install

Step 2 – Find your competitors on G2Crowd.

Step 3 – Click into your competitor’s customer reviews.

Step 4 – You can quit right now and go look these people up on LinkedIn, but that’s a very manual process and not scalable. Continue reading for more juice.

Step 5 – Right click “inspect element” and open the web scraper tab.

Step 6 – Create a new sitemap.

Step 7 – Name & select the elements that you want to scrape.

Step 8 – Enter the scrape code used in video below (copy and paste-ready!)





Step 9 – Copy data preview and paste it into a Google Drive Spreadsheet.

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Cole Fox graduated with a wine degree at the bottom of the economy. He began his career out of college scraping by, selling Vodka, Beef and office supplies. He was lucky enough to land a job at LinkedIn, pre-IPO as one of their first Sales Development hires. With a good sales acumen and process education under his belt, he quickly became a force in Silicon valley, helping many startups get their sales engine started. One tool he kept coming back to was LeadIQ, a modern prospecting and lead gen tool, which he now runs sales for, helping the greatest sales teams close more deals.

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