The Day to Day of a Top SaaS Sales Rep

Sales Hacker is excited to launch our Quota Hacks podcast series.  Every Wednesday for the next eight weeks, we’ll give you some raw “in the weeds” content from sales pros at top companies who are crushing their quotas.  These reps will give you the secret sauce about their day to day process and what they are doing that is working.  If you are a sales rep, sales leader, or hungry to learn sales you won’t want to miss an episode!

 The podcast will be hosted by Jack Kosakowski, one of Act-On software’s top Regional Sales Managers and Sales Hacker team members.  

Episode 1 – “The Day To Day Of A Top SaaS Rep With Jake Reni”

Jake Reni, will dive into his day to day and give us his secrets on sales process and mindset.  He will also dive into his best practices as it relates to messaging.  Jake was just promoted to sales manager for the HireVue Sales Accelerate product.  He just spoke at LinkedIn Sales Connect about the Hirevue Sales process and how he uses disruptive sales practices to drive his success.  You can connect with Jake Reni on LinkedIn or Twitter.  


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