Use These 4 Sales Email Strategies to Break Through the Noise

“Let’s say there are 251 working days this year. If your reps have $1M quota, then every day is worth $4,000 in revenue. Every minute that goes by off-target is $8.30 unbooked, unearned, and unrealized.”Robert McLaws (Founder & CEO of BurnRate).

When you break the value of each day and even each minute down, it’s easier to realize how intentional time needs to be spent in order to hit quota.

Email often plays a significant role in hitting numbers.

Thanks to email automation and AI, however, sending tons of emails has never been easier. This means getting your message to stand out is tougher than ever, even if it’s top-notch.

Sales leaders like Florin Tatulea (Director of Sales at Barley) feel the impact from the past few years alone: “Pure cold outbound is 3x harder than it was in 2021.”

So how can one cut through the noise?

Let’s get into it.

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If you’ve used big-name prospecting tools before, you know that they all share one, massive problem: Bad data.

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Break Through with The Sales Email Noise

Use these 4 sales email strategies to break through the noise👇

#1 Focus on relevance

The effectiveness of an email campaign is fundamentally linked to its relevance.

Even within a single account, you need to have multi-layers of messaging to different people at the company. Florin calls this “above vs. below the line messaging.” By initially targeting less senior staff or individual contributors (‘below the line’) to collect insights, you can subsequently use these insights to craft tailored outreach efforts for executives (‘above the line’). Identifying pain points and understanding company priorities through this method significantly enhances message relevance.

Personalization is a powerful tool to increase relevance.

Yet, relevance isn’t solely dependent on personalization; messages can still be pertinent without being personalized.

Jordan Crawford (Founder of Blueprint) advises that there are many things that AI can programmatically do today to research and look for news and other relevant information. It can structure it in the same way every time so you can use it for your messaging or campaigns. ChatGPT has a browser built in, so you can have it do market research and other research related tasks for you.

The result is that these insights can be plugged into your messaging so that it looks personalized and 1:1 when in fact it’s not.

#2 Ensure data accuracy

If prospect data isn’t accurate, achieving relevance becomes significantly more difficult. Accurate data is the foundation of relevancy.

The accuracy of prospect data is the first point in this article: Two BIG Reasons Your Prospecting Isn’t Working. If your team has invested time in a stellar marketing campaign, it can be disheartening for those messages to get flagged as spam or end up in dormant and nonexistent inboxes. There are also constant regulatory shifts, such as Gmail’s new spam laws (breakdown of what you need to know in the linked article above).

Data quality directly influences deliverability. You can also check how various email service providers compare for deliverability.

#3 Track signals

Signals are everywhere, across multiple platforms and stages. Sales team members should capable of understanding at least a few key signals and knowing which subsequent actions based on those signals will have the greatest impact.

Sales teams in companies with a focus on product-led growth are rapidly adopting this approach.

This live event on March 8th will break down how to build and execute a signal-based sales system.

#4 Multitouch, double down on other channels

The current reality is that outreach needs to be multitouch. Dave Wilkins (Founder of SDR Nation of EMEA) points out that with declining email open rates, relying solely on emails as the source of meetings is ineffective. Instead, a narrative should be developed through a multitouch sequence. Florin recommends incorporating both phone calls and LinkedIn into this strategy.

Double down on other channels. Email is most effective when it’s part of a broader, integrated approach rather than isolated efforts.

🍿 Upcoming digital live event:

How to Build and Execute a Signal-Based Sales System – March 8th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

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Alexa Grabell is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pocus. Pocus is mission control for your pipeline. Pocus brings together product usage and other intent signals (customer, community, marketing data) to surface top leads, enabling reps to act fast. Alexa’s passion for democratizing data for go-to-market teams began when she led sales strategy & operations at Dataminr, where she built internal solutions to power sales teams with data.

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That’s it, that’s all. 

The number of working days in a year varies geographically due to differences in holidays.

If we take 251 as the number for working days this year, we have 229 working days remaining.

There is magic in understanding the value of every day and every minute.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Barker ✌️

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