How to Beat Elon Musk & Bill Gates: 3 Steps to Master LinkedIn, Video, and Email for Cold Outreach


Dailius Wilson – VP Sales & Growth at GetAccept


Scott Barker – Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • How I produced the number 1 article on LinkedIn last year outranking Bill Gates & Elon Musk.
  • How to 3x the number of connection requests that convert to meetings.
  • How to engage prospects via cold email if LinkedIn is not successful.
  • The right way and when to use video to drive sales results.

Watch it here

SDRs are told to book meetings with C-level contacts despite only just learning the trade 1-2 years out of college.

AEs are told to build a brand on social despite barely having time to run the deals they have in play.

Managers want to drive performance and meet their targets but are struggling to retain talent & stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, the processes of great companies like Salesforce or Yelp, which were once tribal knowledge, are no longer secret and make differentiation from competitors extremely difficult.

Given the state of the sales world above, how do we create an original sales process which is unique enough to rise above the noise?

It all starts with perfecting outreach.

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