Actionable Tips For Selling Into Challenging, Niche Markets


Miles Varghese – Head of Sales, Octopi by Cetus Labs

Malcolm Smith – Sales Development Manager, LEAP

What you’ll learn:

  • Ways to better understand the industry you’re prospecting into – if you don’t know the intricacies of your market, you cannot expect to solve their problems.
  • How to create pressure on your prospects (in a good way) – many prospects in “dinosaur” industries may not feel there is a need to change. Many of them don’t know how much better their life COULD be with your product. As such, it’s your job to demonstrate that value.
  • How to demonstrate the value of your solution in terms your prospects understand – Your prospects may still value hand signatures over things like e-signing and fingerprint scanning – in this webinar, you’ll learn how to position the value of your tech in “old school” niches.
  • How to help your prospects overcome the fear of change – for example, lawyers need to file documents with courts. This is still largely a manual process because they feel tech might “mess things up.” Meanwhile, they are missing an opportunity for leveraging automation to help them focus on their clients.
  • How to have empathy when selling to niche industries – sellers must accept they will never be an industry expert like their prospects are, but there is a middle ground that enables intelligent and productive conversation. This is the catalyst for change.

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Closing complex deals in a niche market follows the same sales process as any other deal, but a bit more fine tuned. It represents the culmination of ‘art’ and process, where the sales process is modified to better reflect the unique and specific needs of the client.

Selling into a challenging market is like going into battle with a relentless enemy or going 12 rounds with an angry boxer who wants to knock you out.

You cannot let the adversarial nature of your client base detract from your goal of delivering value.

The main challenge most sellers face when prospecting into difficult markets is understanding the highly unique problems their buyers are seeking to solve. Beyond that, prospects like construction engineers and doctors are not necessarily hanging out on LinkedIn posting content all day.

In this webinar, they shared some actionable tips and strategies to overcome that!

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