Empowering Your Sales Team Stand Out and Close More Deals


Tom Discipio – CRO & Managing Partner, IMPACT

Alanna Bordignon – Manager, Business Development, Vidyard

What you’ll learn:

  • How technology can shorten the sales cycle and save your reps time
  • Getting that crucial meeting with your key target accounts
  • Tactics to revive stalled and even dreaded dark deals
  • Using visuals to start more conversions from cold email outreach

Watch it here

What do you do that is truly different than your competitors when it comes to communicating with your prospects and clients?

Sure, your product may be superior, but is the way you’re selling it a step above the rest as well?

Check our collaboration with IMPACT and Vidyard to learn how they’re empowering their sales teams with technology and training to boost their productivity and double their efficiency.

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