Buyer Enablement: Equipping Your Internal Champion to Sell Like, Well, You


Garin Hess – CEO, Consensus

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover and engage stakeholders more quickly so your deal isn’t torpedoed late in the game
  • Equip your champion to sell for you in a way that brings stakeholders to the conversation educated and ready to talk specifics
  • Discover misalignment across stakeholder interests so you can guide them toward consensus
  • Track the key metrics of Buyer Enablement to predict success

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With the explosion of account-based sales, you as a seller are selling to a committee, aka a buying group. But you as a salesperson can only carry the ball so far. We all know that the stakeholder you leave out is inevitably the one that nukes the deal. And very often, the real selling is done after the call is over — , by your newly minted champion within the black box of executive interactions. Is that PDF or slide deck really the best we can do to empower this poor soul to be a change-maker? (Spoiler: 8/10 times, they’ll butcher it.)

To truly ensure a closed deal, you need that all-important internal champion to take the deal all the way across the line. Buyer enablement is the practice of empowering your internal champion to close the deal when you’re not in the room.

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