Evolution of the SDR: Why the SDR Is No Longer an Entry Level Role


John Barrows – Owner at JBarrows Sales Training

Morgan Ingram – Director of Sales Execution & Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training


Gaetano DiNardi – VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage your SDR role for the long term of your career
  • How to use the tools around you to be successful
  • How to gain someone’s attention in a noisy world
  • How to practicing mastering your craft daily in sales development

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The SDR role is the hardest role in sales period. Reps go into the office every day knowing they are going to face rejection, which can be gruesome and mentally exhausting. SDRs are the oxygen of the organization because they are the brand of the company, talk to your ICP more than anyone and A/B test your message to a high degree.

If you can get someone’s attention to meet with you for 30 minutes that’s a win especially with all the noise in this world. This role will continue to grow more into something that is not an entry-level position, as AI comes into play and it becomes more specialized. Anyone who does an SDR role will be set up for success if they take their job seriously on a daily basis.

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