How to Recruit, Assess and Coach Jedi Sales Talent


Troy Kanter – Executive Adviser | Former President & COO at IBM Kenexa | Former CEO at Miller Heiman Group


Scott Barker – Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the salesperson of the future look like
  • The best blueprint for managing talent in sales, and where should sales leaders focus
  • How you can reliably and repeatedly predict the success of a salesperson
  • How you can apply predictive analytics to improve both speed to performance and success in recruiting

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You’ve seen it happen within your sales team: 10% of your people consistently outperform the rest by as much as 10 times. What’s the secret formula to attracting and retaining the best?

How do companies recruit, develop, and retain sales talent that delivers value to customers? Gone are the days of “relationship” selling. Top sales professionals of the future leverage both old-school relationship-building traits and new world analytics-focused traits. And sales leaders need predictive tools that show them how to clone top performers.

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