How to Solve the Scale-Productivity Paradox of a Fast-Growing SDR Team


Karthik Rajaram – Global Sales Director, Freshworks

Ryan Lallier – Senior Advisor, Skaled

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create an effective SDR onboarding process
  • What the right lead qualification model is for your SDR team
  • How to not confuse action with traction
  • What are the potential SDR tools to maximize sales intel
  • How to quickly identify and eliminate sales tactics that don’t work
  • How to reduce SDR churn and enable job satisfaction
  • How to do career mapping right for SDRs
  • How to build an SDR team culture of feedback, trust, and learning

Watch it here

For a fast-growing SDR team, the greatest challenge is to attain high productivity by not confusing action with traction, maintaining sales and revenue efficiency, and promoting a strong culture of feedback, team morale, and learning.

Karthik Rajaram, Global Sales Director at Freshworks, joined us to talk about solving the scale-productivity paradox of an SDR team through actionable tips and takeaways based on his own learnings in the role.

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