Level Up Your Soft Skills: It’s Not Too Late to Bring Buyers to the Table and Hit Q4 Quota

The data is in, emotion sells, not just logic.

Join us to learn how you can level up your EQ.

Leverage your soft skills to make more meaningful connections with your buyers to bring more revenue across the line in Q4 and beyond.


Leslie Venetz – Founder of Sales Team Builder LLC


Alexis Scott – Senior Manager, Growth Marketing at Workspan

Amelia Taylor – Strategic Sales & Lead Evangelist at regie.ai

Hannah Ajikawo – Practice Lead, GTM Strategy, EMEA at Skaled

Shawanda Roberts – Global VP of Sales & Marketing Activation at Frost & Sullivan


You’ll learn:

  • Why women achieve 8% higher quota attainment than men
  • How to read between the lines to better understand your buyers
  • Why soft skills are actually a super-power
  • What happens when you sell with emotion
  • Guests share which soft skills they rely on most to close more revenue

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