President’s Club and SPIFFs: Adapting Your Sales Incentive Strategy for the Next Normal


Kevin YipCofounder and COO at Blueboard

Tom CastleyVP of Sales at Outreach UK

Dave KennettCEO at

No one saw COVID-19 coming, and as a result, your President’s Club trip is out the window. Sales leaders are left scrambling to claw back invested expenses, while strategizing new tactics to keep their reps motivated & in the loop.

As a sales leader, how do you pivot your incentive program to ensure it keeps the attention of your team, your reps remain 100% committed to reaching their goals, and you retain your top-performers?

We were joined by Outreach’s VP Sales UK, Tom Castley,’s Founder/CEO, Dave Kennett, and Blueboard’s COO, Kevin Yip, in an engaging discussion around adapting your sales incentive strategy for the next normal.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The core sales incentive challenges we face in today’s environment.
  • Tactics to pivot your President’s Club program to keep your reps motivated & retain your top-performers.
  • How to successfully roll out alternative incentives with excitement and celebration.
  • Tips & tricks to keep reps productive, engaged and motivated while plans are still uncertain.

Watch it here

Colin is the Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker. Before that, he led the strategy team at a marketing agency, and worked with hundreds of B2B brands to build winning inbound strategies. Outside of work, Colin is the world’s biggest dog lover, and spends as much time as possible outside.

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