You’re an SDR Manager, Now What?

In sales development, there’s no shortage of tips, tricks and resources to help SDRs excel in their role. 

Yet, there’s so much still left to be explored to support SDR Managers get up to speed in helping their teams. 

This masterclass gives you the first steps that every SDR leader can follow to ramp up, make an impact, and get the best of their people and their teams. 


Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell – Strategic Business Development Manager at Airtable

Mary Foster – VP of Demand Generation at Ambition

You’ll learn:

  • Core responsibilities of the SDR Manager
  • Key components to building a culture of high performance
  • The data practice behind running your Sales Development business
  • Stepping into your authentic self as a leader
  • Career pathing from SDR manager role

Watch it here

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