The Secret to Revenue Performance: Leading Indicators and Ongoing Corrective Actions

Revenue performance is the focus of the entire sales org. Yet questions still arise around the data being used to inform the strategy that will drive revenue performance… i.e.

  • How do I benchmark my team?
  • What are the individual skill gaps of my team?
  • Who needs coaching on what?
  • How can we increase our win rates?

Join Anastasia Chihai from Outreach, and Colby Oefinger and Helen Waite from Mindtickle to learn how to identify and use those leading indicators to best inform your corrective actions to boost revenue performance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to benchmark the skills that make up your top performers across different go-to-market roles
  • How to start measuring gaps in your team against these benchmarks
  • How to use data on skill gaps to deliver targeted coaching
  • How enablement can reinforce targeted coaching for improved rep performance

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