How a Single Lead Reactivation Campaign Yielded an 80% Reply Rate Using Text Messaging


Jonathan Gladbach – Director of Growth, Hustle

Pedro Frias – Dir. of Inside Sales, Hustle

What you’ll learn:

  • How 1:1 texting can supplement your email and calling campaigns to radically boost open and response rates
  • Why 1:1 texting is an effective way to accelerate your qualification process
  • How a single Hustle lead reactivation campaign yielded an 80% reply rate and a 6.5% meeting rate

Watch it here

Lead qualification is one of the most difficult tasks for Sales and Marketing teams, but there’s a secret weapon that can help you accelerate the qualification process, streamline prospect communications, and re-energize the sales process when an opportunity seems stuck.

In this replay, learn how innovative sales and marketing organizations are using 1:1 text messaging to connect with prospects more quickly and with greater success, determine whether the opportunity is real, and drive valid opportunities through the pipeline more efficiently.

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