Work Life Balance in Sales: How to Lead Your Best Life in a Sales Role


Adnan Chaudhry – SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

What you’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate your short-term and long-term goals
  • Balancing sales targets with personal milestones and enjoying downtime
  • Finding and keeping a strong support system, including mentors and sponsors
  • Skills to operate at peak efficiency so you are as productive as possible in your sales activities
  • Resources to help you practice a smart lifestyle (or “A real look at the daily calendar of an actual Sales VP at a global company”) or (Techniques to avoid sales burnout”)

Watch it here

Work life balance in sales: myth or reality? In an always-on reality, can salespeople ever afford digital downtime, practice self-care, and have time with their families–all while still hitting quota?

According to Adnan Chaudhry, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales at Salesforce, work life balance in sales is possible. In this replay, he shared our very best tips for achieving a true balance of work and life.

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