New Research: The State of the Sales Tech Stack in 2023

New Research: The State of the Sales Tech Stack in 2023

How many sales tools did you consider in 2022?

How many did you buy?

It’s difficult to know if any given tool is worth investing in, let alone which platforms will actually power your teams to create and close revenue more efficiently and effectively.

That’s why we asked more than 1,000 Sales Hacker community members about their experience with 60+ tools across 7 categories.

We examined which tools are used more by high-performing teams, which led to some insights we weren’t expecting when we began this study.


Mary Shea – VP, Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

Mark Magnacca – President and Co-Founder at Allego

You’ll learn:

  • The sales technologies most likely to power you past your revenue targets
  • Why sales leaders are planning big changes to their sales tech investments in 2023
  • How to think about investment in your sales tech stack for an edge in 2023

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