Live Virtual Roundtable: The New Era of B2B Sales

Live Virtual Roundtable: The New Era of B2B Sales

You may have already started to feel the earth move under your feet…

We know you’re feeling it too… inbound pipeline is slowing all while business support teams are spread thinner than ever before. It’s clear, the rules for surviving (and thriving) in this new era are different. We as revenue and go-to-market leaders must adapt.

If you boil it down, every rep – and every revenue organization – must do 2 things incredibly well to stay afloat:

  1. Create more pipeline, efficiently
  2. Close more deals, predictably

That is the new name of the game.

Welcome to the Create and Close Era.


Nate Broome – VP of SMB Sales at Outreach

Mark Davinroy – Founder of Davinroy & Associates

Asia Corbett – Sr. RevOps Manager, GTM at Bread Financial

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Get your reps to build their own quality pipeline
  • Accelerate deal velocity & improve win rates
  • Increase sales team participation
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