Start A Conversation From Afar With These 10 Zoom Backdrops

Quick! Clear the room. Move the dirty laundry basket. Pick up the kid’s toys. 

It’s almost time for that Zoom sales call, and that means frantically trying to make the area behind your camera look more professional… or at least as professional as you can make it look…. 

You know how it goes.

As the world shifts to remote work, many of us are needing to rearrange our daily lives (both literally and figuratively) to accommodate the changes.

Well, we want to help. 

Whether you need a good icebreaker for your next sales Zoom call or just want to impress your colleagues, we’ve cooked up something special for you.

Without further ado, here are 10 carefully selected remote (emphasis on remote) Zoom backdrops for your next call.

We guarantee your colleague or client will be asking where you are (icebreaker!), and you’ll get bonus points for your extreme social distancing efforts.

Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Easter Island

Did you know these guys aren’t just a head? (And neither are you, sitting there behind your screen with a nice shirt and sweatpants.) Yeah, we’re onto you.

Isolated Cabin in Alaska

Cabin in Alaska

Did you know that Manhattan would have about 28 people if it had the same population density as Alaska? You can pretend like you have a peaceful, quiet environment with this serene backdrop.

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Break out the sunscreen, and grab your camel. This desert was home to Lawrence of Arabia for a time in the early 1900’s.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Far Away Galaxy

Talk about social distancing. How about another galaxy’s worth of distance.

Amazon Jungle Yasuni, Ecuador

Amazon Jungle Yasuni, Ecuador

This lovely junglescape is the perfect, peaceful background… as long as you don’t think about what’s under the water.



Hopefully the link to your next Zoom meeting isn’t as hard to find as this exotic locale.

Somewhere in New Zealand

New Zealand Mountains

You can pretend you’re on a quest to destroy the one ring… or save Narnia… or save Japan as the last Samurai… seriously there have been a lot of movies shot here.

African Savannah

Giraffes in Africa

Don’t worry, you’re safe out here! Your only company will be the animals. 

Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Located in one of the last remaining wildernesses on earth, you’re sure to be isolated here. Just don’t go for a swim, the crocodiles aren’t very friendly.

Somewhere in Siberia

Cabin in Siberia

Do you like the cold and snow? Siberia is home to some of the coldest weather in the world and only sees 3 hours of sunlight a day during winter. It’s the perfect backdrop if you like to be wrapped in a blanket during your meetings.

There you have it, folks!

You’re sure to take your next Zoom sales call to a whole new level in these isolated landscapes. 

If you really want to make an impression, share some fun facts with your prospects about the location you choose.

All jokes aside, stay safe out there, friends.

Happy virtual selling!

Colin is the Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker. Before that, he led the strategy team at a marketing agency, and worked with hundreds of B2B brands to build winning inbound strategies. Outside of work, Colin is the world’s biggest dog lover, and spends as much time as possible outside.

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