Episode 45: Job Seeking 101

Want to write sales emails like a pro?

Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently.

Join Kristina Finseth (Sr. Manager, Outbound Growth Marketing at Greenhouse) and Will Allred (Co-Founder & COO at Lavender) to get TWO perspectives and TWO approaches on real sales emails, every week on Sales Hacker.

Watch the re-write, and check out the before and after emails below!

Subject: Lavender Marketing Career Question

Hi there!

My name is Hopeful Employee, and I came across your email marketing product on LinkedIn. I was recently laid off from BigCompany (a unicorn AI software company) and so have been job searching and well, I thought I’d take a chance and just reach out to ask if y’all are hiring.

I am a content marketer (based in coolplace) who loves to write and make content in the B2B space. I’m constantly intrigued by AI and how it helps businesses use or sell products, and write customer-facing content that not only gives answers, but positions companies as thought leaders ✍️

I know this is a long shot, but on the off chance you’re looking for a full time content marketer, I’d be honored to be considered. It seems like a really cool product, and a super fun team (I saw how some of the team dressed as wizards and went to SaaStr and Dreamforce!). I’m attaching my resume to this email.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!



Take 1

Subject: Open Marketing Role?

Between the team’s posts & the noise you made at SaaStr- it’s clear your org values marketing.

I’m looking for my next role & I wanted to see if you’re hiring.

Researching, I was a bit surprised you don’t have a blog.

I used to do this at coolplace. This is something I could come in and help with day 1.

Is this something you’re looking to hire for?


Ps. As you know, writing skills can always be applied elsewhere if a blog isn’t top priority.


Take 2

Subject: Lavender Marketing Career Question

Hi Will,

I’m looking for a marketing role, and I wanted to see if Lavender is hiring for marketing.

As someone who’s worked in social – I’m loving what y’all put out there.

I was recently part of a large lay off at coolplace. I was writing and optimizing blog content for them. Thought that could be helpful.

I want to keep refining that skill set, but I think an early stage company would allow me to see how it fits into the bigger picture.

Do you think my hypothesis is right? If so, would love to see if I could be an asset to the team.


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