7 Steps to Hacking More Sales Opps

Everyone has been on a call with a prospect and asked, “Can you send me an email so I can take a look?”

For new salespeople, this is an exciting opportunity, the chance to email someone who was somewhat nice on the phone… but for those who have been around the block, what they are really telling you is “No.”

Here is the secret sauce for this specific scenario that I have been training and coaching salespeople to use for the past 7 years.

Follow these 7 steps to be a champion sales hacker: (Feel free to modify the script to your own style)

  • Say YES.

    • It’s important to agree with the prospect when they ask you to send an email.
    • Be happy on the phone and let them think they’ve ‘fooled’ you to believe an email is all you will get out of them.
  • Confirm Email Address

    • Just ask, “What is the best email address for you? … Okay, so I have scott@launchleads.com, is that right?”
  • Send Email IMMEDIATELY, While on Phone

    • The key is to have the prospect still on the phone when you send your pre-written email template.

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  • Did You Get It?

    • Use the script “I just sent you the email, but sometimes it can get caught in spam, would you mind double-checking to see if it came through? It is coming from bubba@QuotaDeck.com …” Then pause.
    • 95% of people will take the time right that minute to look! It’s incredible. Psychologically, you have gone from a sales call, to just normal everyday conversation with this legitimate question.
  • Will You Click On The Link?

    • Use the script after they confirm, “Fantastic, I’m glad it came through, I don’t want to take up any more of your time, but would you mind opening the email and making sure the link I sent you still works? Sometimes the link can break…” Then pause.
    • Again, 95% of people are going to actually follow your instruction! And again, you are asking a legitimate question.
    • I am a big fan of links vs attachments. You can track them way more, they don’t trigger as many spam blocks, and you can change the content and previous viewers will see your updated content.
  • Ask For The Appointment

    • Use the script after they have confirmed it worked, “Good, I’m glad, and now you can see on the screen what we do in a bit more detail. My job is simply to set up a quick appointment with you. Would tomorrow at 2 pm or 4 pm be better for you?”
    • They may have a few objections, probably ones that you have heard before – but a lot of times, people will agree to the appointment right then and there.
  • Send The Calendar Invite

    • I assume you are all familiar, but just in case, please, always send the prospect a calendar invite so it can auto-fill their calendar for them and they won’t forget.

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Give these hacks a try, and you and your team will start to see the No’s converting into qualified demos and appointments! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a bit of persistence and creativity. Find me on Twitter @bubbapage and feel free to add me on Linkedin, I’d love to connect with you and hear your suggestions/hacks!

Bubba Page is the founder of QuotaDeck and Launch Leads, two startup companies focused on providing compelling technology solutions to the business-to-business sales vertical.

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