Community Roundup: What are Your Tips on Writing the Perfect Sales Email?

Happy Friday Sales Hackers!

Cheers- You’ve made it through another week! I’ve put together some of the highlights from our LinkedIn Community this week. We round up the best content that we can for the blog, but we’ve realized there are so many good discussions going on in our community that we don’t want overlooked!

Please let me know if you have any feedback, or have something to contribute to next weeks Community Round Up. I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy the weekend… you earned it!


Jessie Barnes

This Week’s Question:

Last month we had a blog post on “How to write the perfect sales email” on our blog. I wanted to continue the discussion here and see if anyone else had their own opinions on what makes the perfect sales email.


Best Responses from our Sales Hacker LinkedIn Community:

Dave Jackson: I like to keep my initial out reach emails short and concise. I get quite a few compliments from prospects when I use something along the lines of- “Hi, If I send over a short 2-page summary surrounding our (xys services) can you spend 3 mins with it and give a quick yes/no? Thanks,

Robert OswaldFor enterprise businesses that involve multiple decision makers, I like to use the Breakthrough Email system. ( The website is kind of ehn looking, but the format really works. He gives away the template for free essentially. Then sells training on how to make it really fit what you do specifically.

Brandon RedlingerThese are all great points and ideas, so rather than being redundant, I’ll add a few thoughts not mentioned that have worked really well for us at PersistIQ and me personally.

Although there’s never going to be any silver bullet email that works for everyone, so it’s better to focus on principles. One of the most important principles is context is king. Making sure you’re relevant is obvious but making sure you’re also timely is tough.

Something tactical that has worked for me breaking into key accounts with people higher up the org ladder is simply being helpful and not ask for anything in the initial email. How many emails do you think VPs get wanting them to jump on a quick call or get a demo? Dozens per day, if not more. What is you didn’t pitch on the first email? Build rapport and a relationship first. I know our first instinct as salespeople is to sell, but patients pays off.

Anyway, those are just a few quick thoughts.

Whitney HansenI Think these are great points! Another point I’d like to add from an SDR perspective is I try to make my emails seem natural instead of stiff or clearly from a template. I send a lot of personal touches as well because if I want somebody to be interested in my product, I make sure I did my research and know about theirs and the person I’m reaching out to.

Jessie is a former Content Marketing Manager at Sales Hacker. She previously worked in Sales and as a Hospitality Consultant. Currently, she’s Associate Editor and Social Media at The Everymom.

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