Demo-litions: MediaValet Gets Into (Too Much?) Detail in a Real Sales Demo

Season 2, Episode 3, with Drew at Digital Asset Management

Are you getting stuck in the weeds during your sales calls? Do you find yourself running out of time, frantically trying to squeeze in pricing because you spent too much time discussing features?

You’re not alone, and luckily, we’ve got solutions for you.

In this episode of Demo-litions, Dave Kennet and Scott Barker sit down with a demo replay from Drew, a Digital Asset Management Specialist at MediaValet, who is likable and extremely knowledgeable about his product.

However, like many of us, he might be getting too deep into the weeds and missing some good selling opportunities.

You’ll learn solutions to this and more as Dave and Scott dive deep into this demo tear-down. They’ll discuss everything from how to look professional and calm on camera to making sure you’re listening actively — the right way.

The first step is to talk less and listen more. In a discovery call, the prospect should be the one talking 70–80% of the time. Focus on asking probing questions, and make sure you’re really listening.

However, there’s a fine line between active listening and urgent checking, which can make you sound like a bird going, “Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, sure, yes,” every 5 minutes.

Instead, reiterate what they say. Say something like, “If I’m hearing you correctly, it sounds like you are saying….”

You also need to keep in mind who you’re talking to and what they need to get out of a demo. An SVP doesn’t need to know every keystroke required to use a certain tool (unless they ask for that).

Instead, they want to know how this tool will affect their organization as a whole. Know your audience and spend your limited time with them focusing on the parts they need and want.

Remember, you need to save time to talk about pricing and to schedule another conversation. Always leave at least 10 minutes to go over those details fully.


Key Takeaways:

  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Spend more time on probing questions.
  • Don’t get caught up on details unless they specifically ask.
  • Always leave at least 10 minutes to talk about pricing and details.

Don’t get stuck in the weeds. Don’t talk too much. Don’t spend time talking about details that aren’t important to your prospect, and keep it short.

Good luck out there, and happy selling.

Scott Barker is the Head of Partnerships and Revenue at Sales Hacker. He is passionate about building and strengthening authentic relationships with his team and partners. Outside of Sales Hacker, he helps bring Vancouver sales professionals together to share ideas, network with peers, and learn from top sales operators & leaders as GM of Vancouver Enterprise Sales Forum.   Dave Kennett is a seasoned SaaS and Software sales leader with over 25 years of progressive business development and sales leadership experience. His experience has centered around start-up, turn-around, and hyper-growth situations. He founded and leads a successful high-growth On-Demand Inside Sales Coaching company called Replayz.

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