Mastering LinkedIn Growth: 3 Playbook Insights to Help You Grow

LinkedIn has exploded as a social channel.

You might have even initially heard of my newsletter through LinkedIn.

The noisier it gets, the more challenging organic growth becomes.

Plus, we’re always at the mercy of the ever changing algorithm.

There are tons of ‘hacks’ you can do for social growth, but we always look longterm. “Play longterm games with longterm people”.

This called for insight from one of the most knowledgeable on LinkedIn’s platform – let’s get into it.

3 Things from Sam’s Playbook for LinkedIn Growth

Sam McKenna, Founder at #samsales shares 3 aspects of her playbook👇

1. Craft a compelling hook

While this may sound ‘obvious,’ it cannot be more highly emphasized. A big part of LinkedIn’s algorithm is dwell time, and you have a limited number of lines to capture attention (3 lines without a picture, 5 lines with a picture). The goal is to compel users to click “see more” to increase dwell time and in turn, reach.

One way that I (Scott) personally do this is by writing out my post, then actually rewriting it with the hook in mind. Often, the best hook is the last part of the what I write out – don’t underestimate starting with the conclusion.

2. Write content for your target audience, but also beyond that

While growth outside of your ICP alignment isn’t the goal, including some content for adjacent audiences can be helpful for growth. For example, if your ICP is executive level, consider writing for varying levels.

The expanded exposure not only fosters overall growth but inadvertently exposes your ICP when they operate within the adjacent space.

3. Systemize growth

Growing your audience systematically can increase engagement and visibility. Strategies for achieving this include:

  • Connect with people who engage with your content, particularly those in your ICP – use a friendly and non-salesy approach in your connection requests, thanking them for engaging with your posts.
  • Proactively add people within your ICP. If you have SalesNavigator, filtering through a list daily is an efficient way of doing so and can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

This is actually Sam’s last week before maternity leave, so we wish her well!

More on LinkedIn in our podcast episode with Justin Welsh.

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Leena Joshi is Co-Founder & CEO of CloseFactor, a GTM strategy and execution platform that helps enterprise tech hone in on the exact right prospective customers and accelerates their conversion by helping your sales and marketing teams be contextually relevant to them. She has led GTM teams at high scale B2B companies such as Splunk, VMware, Redis and has a unique perspective on the convergence of sales and marketing into an efficient, high performing GTM organization.

🚀 Start-ups to watch: 

  1. breathing ai – they have a free Chrome extension. The mission is to minimize the side effects of excessive screen use by recommending breathing breaks and adapting screen colors to benefit the user’s experience. Full disclosure: I’m currently writing this with both the timer for breaks and color functions on 🙂 Check out or read about them in FastCompany.
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That’s it, that’s all.

It now only feels appropriate to say: see you on LinkedIn!

While I drop into your inbox every Friday, I always love hearing from you any day of the week over LinkedIn.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Barker ✌️

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Before helping found GTMfund, Scott spent 4 years at Outreach as Director of Strategic Engagement. He was in charge of aligning key relationships with VCs, BoDs, ecosystem partners and community members to drive revenue and strategic initiatives across Outreach. Scott initially ran revenue/partnerships for Sales Hacker (which was acquired by Outreach in 2018). Prior to Sales Hacker, he led and built outbound Business Development teams at Payfirma and MediaValet. Scott also advises for a number of high growth start-ups and is the host/author of The GTM Podcast and The GTM Newsletter. At GTMfund, Scott leads all fundraising efforts and runs the media arm of the firm. He’s also responsible for assessing investments, team management, LP/community relationships and GTM support for founders.

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