What’s In My Stack? (A Look at Bloobirds’s Go-To Sales)

What are the tools modern sales teams use to get peak results?

Some of our partners have been kind enough to share their sales stack with the community, but we want to hear from other organizations as well. Because let’s face it, there’s no one way to run your sales operations, and there’s no one set of sales tools that works for everyone.

In the “What’s In My Stack” series, we’ll feature one brand and look at at the sales technology they use in 5 categories:

  • Intelligence
  • Enablement
  • Engagement
  • Pipeline/Analytics/Measurement
  • Management/Coaching

Today, we’re featuring Bloobirds. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Bloobirds’s Sales Team

Name: Jamie Clark Bloobirds logo

Company Name: Bloobirds

Title: Sales Development Representative

City/Country: Barcelona, Spain

Quick Pitch: Bloobirds’s end-to-end platform is the all-in-one SDR tech stack, sales manager’s process enforcer, sales operations’ KPI advisor, and CEO’s revenue predictor. We land your go-to-market strategy and playbook into a user-friendly interface. Our solution empowers your sales development team to be precise in whom they target, relevant in their message, and systematic in their process.

Sales Cycle Timeline: 4–6 weeks

Tell us a little about your sales team. How do you typically use sales technology to improve results?

Nowadays, there’s a tendency for tech tools to override the charm of natural human interaction. Automation can make day-to-day tasks seem easy, but it can also make overall results suffer. I think robotic email sequences can burn your target market and produce dismal response rates.

Bloobirds aligns easy-to-use tech with a polished philosophy that doesn’t rely on robotic email sequences to succeed. The platform blends our company’s strategy into my day-to-day tasks as an SDR. Plus, it allows each team member to see the full pipeline of other team members, listen to their calls, and see their pitches. This keeps everyone accountable and open to feedback. We collaborate and share best practices openly because of this complete transparency.

Our sales development team consists of four SDRs. One is focused purely on inbound accounts while the rest of us do outbound. We also have a market researcher who finds target accounts for us.

This allows us to focus our attention on digging deep into ideal buyer profiles and account scenarios. The SDR manager oversees our team, tweaks processes, and updates goals based on real-time insights. We’re always encouraged to prospect the right companies at the right time, rather than focusing on pure volume.

Your Tools

What are the tools you use for Intelligence?

  • Sales Navigator
  • G2 Siftery
  • Crunchbase

What are the tools you use for Enablement?

  • Gmail
  • Zoom
  • Bloobirds
  • Point Drive

What are the tools you use for Engagement?

  • Linkedin
  • Bloobirds

What are the tools you use for Pipeline / Analytics / Measurement?

  • Salesforce
  • Bloobirds
  • Hubspot

What are the tools you use for Management / Coaching?

  • Bloobirds
  • Hubspot

Any other tools in your stack?

  • Typeform

Insight into Your Sales Stack

Why is your stack built this way? What makes it amazing?

The best part of our tech stack and team structure is that it allows me to focus purely on prospecting and understanding the needs of the market. I only need a few tech solutions to perform all of my daily tasks, so I save time and can focus on my main objectives.

My stack allows me to track my performance over time. I have total visibility into my monthly goals and growth, which keeps me motivated.

Do you anticipate changing your stack in the near future? Why?

What I appreciate about our team is that no amount of past success will ever take away our curiosity to review and improve. We’re continually looking at new solutions.

Since Bloobirds is our main platform, we don’t anticipate any big changes to our stack. However, we’re always looking for improvements when it comes to Sales Intelligence.

Share a success story that demonstrates how your stack helps your team do their best work.

I recently booked a great meeting thanks to our stack. Our Market Researcher created a qualified company and assigned it to me.

While I was researching and adding leads to the account, Bloobirds alerted me that one of them downloaded our ebook.

I checked Bloobirds to see which marketing campaign it came from, and then I used Hubspot to see the pages he’d navigated on our website after downloading the content. After that, with Point Drive, I was able to see which page he spent the most time on.

So, immediately, I knew how to be more relevant on that call for that ICP, and in the end, I booked the demo.

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