What’s In My Stack? (A Look at Node’s Go-To Sales Tools)

What are the tools modern sales teams use to get peak results?  

Some of our partners have been kind enough to share their sales stack with the community, but we want to hear from other organizations as well. Because let’s face it, there’s no one way to run your sales operations, and there’s no one set of sales tools that works for everyone.

In the “What’s In My Stack” series, we’ll feature one brand and look at at the sales technology they use in 5 categories:

  • Intelligence
  • Enablement
  • Engagement
  • Pipeline/Analytics/Measurement
  • Management/Coaching

Today, we’re featuring Node. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Node’s Sales Team

Name: Greg McBeth

Company Name: Node.io

Title: Head of Revenue

City/Country: San Francisco

Quick Pitch: Node is the first turnkey AI-as-a-Service platform that enables organizations to put the power of prediction into their applications without spending years and millions on risky AI experiments.

ACV: $250k+

Sales Cycle Timeline: 3-6 months

Tell us a little about your sales team. How do you typically use sales technology to improve results? 

Our team remains lean, as we have focused on high-value strategic partnerships. We have 1 SDR and 2 senior sales executives focused exclusively on these accounts. For our clients, a seamless and highly personalized and relevant buying experience is critical to instilling confidence in our company and our product. 

Our stack is designed to ensure that: 

  • Our prospects have access to all relevant information to make a successful buying decision.
  • Our team has every resource available to position Node solutions effectively.
  • We have high visibility into sales cycle progression so we can spot and fix problems as early as possible.

Your Tools

What are the tools you use for Intelligence?

  • Node, of course

What are the tools you use for Enablement?

  • DocSend
  • Google Docs

What are the tools you use for Engagement?

  • Outreach
  • Drift
  • Zoom

What are the tools you use for Pipeline / Analytics / Measurement?

  • Salesforce reports and charts
  • Excel/Google Docs

What are the tools you use for Management / Coaching?

  • 15Five

Any other tools in your stack?

  • Hubspot

Insight into Your Sales Stack

Why is your stack built this way? What makes it amazing?

Because our client relationships are highly strategic, it’s more important for us to have a stack that covers the basics and “just works” than it is to have one that can effectively manage and support high-velocity and high-volume deals at scale. 

As we’ve progressed from a more traditional SaaS solution to an AI-as-a-Service platform, we’ve actually simplified our stack to ensure that our team understands how to use every technology effectively.

Do you anticipate changing your stack in the near future? Why?

We have a new product offering coming in late 2019 that may necessitate an additional sales motion and resultant stack changes. Nothing set in stone yet, though.

Share a success story that demonstrates your stack helps your team do their best work. 

DocSend has been a fantastic addition to our stack. We originally purchased it to manage investor conversations, but found that it did two things for our sales team: 

1) it enabled us to determine what content and messages resonated most effectively with clients, and 

2) we were able to effectively track engagement throughout the sales funnel. 

We recently signed a new customer that we re-engaged after seeing that someone has tried to access a DocSend link that had expired almost 6 months prior. We reached back out to our contact there and closed the deal shortly thereafter.

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