Exclusive: How Drift Flipped Traditional Customer Acquisition on its Head (Part One)


Dave Gerhardt – VP of Marketing at Drift

Armen Zildjian – VP of Sales at Drift


Max Altschuler – Founder & CEO at Sales Hacker

What You’ll Learn:

  • How they acquired their first 10 customers, then the first 100 customers and beyond
  • Why they made the decision to remove lead forms and gated content (and the real results)
  • All of the ins and outs from their go-to-market strategy to their sales team and sales process

Watch it here

In just two short years, Drift has acquired 70,000 businesses and taken the marketing and sales world by storm!

Founded by serial marketing & sales technology entrepreneurs David Cancel and Elias Torres, Drift is focused on bringing conversations back to marketing and sales with what they call Conversational Marketing.

During this first exclusive two-part webinar series, we’re going behind the scenes with the go-to-market leaders at Drift: Dave Gerhardt, Drift’s VP of Marketing; Armen Zildjian, Drift’s VP of Sales, and Drift Founder & CEO David Cancel.

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