3E’s of Platform Cohesion: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Empowerment

After implementing, onboarding and working with hundreds of clients on aligning their Outreach instances to drive revenue efficiency, the Outbound Funnel team is sitting down with SalesHacker to share key concepts on how to make sure your investment in Sales Engagement Platform delivers on its ROI.

The founders will dive into 3 areas to explore how to generate efficiency from your sales tech stack, improve your sales team effectiveness and empower your sales team to drive higher productivity.


Curtis Ropp – CEO at Outbound Funnel

Benjamin McWilliams – COO at Outbound Funnel

You’ll Learn

  • 35 downsides of building a personal brand, the negative effects on your pipeline as an SDR/AE/sales leader, & how it can damage your career long term
  • The 5 types of professionals who typically advocate for personal brand and why they advocate for it
  • The only 2 scenarios where building a personal brand is a great idea
  • The 5 things to do instead that will drive real results

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