What on EARTH should you "challenge” in discovery??

What on EARTH should you “challenge” in discovery??

What exactly do you “challenge” during a discovery? And how do you “challenge” your prospects without turning them off?

Join this session with Becc Holland of Flip the Script to find out how to “challenge” prospects in a way that truly helps them & encourages them to buy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to uncover the prospect’s self-diagnosis & your expert-diagnosis
  • How to “challenge” the difference
  • The difference between a “misdiagnosis” & a “missed diagnosis”
  • A complete list of the types of:
    • Problems you should “challenge”
    • Root Causes you should “challenge”
    • Current Impacts you should “challenge”
    • Future Impacts you should “challenge”
    • Current Event Triggers you should “challenge”
    • Future Event Triggers you should “challenge”
    • Solutions you should “challenge”

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