7 ChatGPT Prompts for Selling to the C-Suite

7 ChatGPT Prompts for Selling to the C-Suite

The following article is adapted from Mark Kosoglow’s LinkedIn post from Jan. 25, 2023, with Mark’s permission.

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AI is no longer some hypothetical future in sales — it’s here now. 

The good news? AI isn’t going to take your sales job.

…but it won’t magically make it easier, either.

In December 2022, Authority Hacker podcast hosts Gael Breton and Mark Webster predicted the rise of a new kind of knowledge worker: people who can manipulate AI tools to get exactly what they want.

If you’ve played with ChatGPT, DALL-E, or other OpenAI tools, you know it can be surprisingly tricky. (And occasionally, horrifying — see, the feature image that didn’t make the cut for this article.)

Which is why I was thrilled to see Mark’s post of ChatGPT prompts to use when selling into the C-suite — and even more thrilled he allowed us to share them here.

— Kendra Fortmeyer

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7 ChatGPT prompts for selling into the C-suite more effectively

I see everyone, from SDRs to execs, making the same massive errors engaging C-suite buyers.

Here are 7 critical errors to avoid when selling into the C-suite — plus ChatGPT prompts to lend an assist.

Executives want to be in the know , not in the weeds

⛔  1. Avoid writing in paragraphs

Execs don’t write in paragraphs. So when they see them in an email, they don’t read them.

ChatGPT prompt: “In 5 sentences or less, summarize the text below in the form of an email I can send. Be ruthlessly brief.”

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⛔ 2. Avoid bullet points

…and NEVER do bullets under bullets.

After you’ve asked ChatGPT to summarize your email, above, do this prompt:

ChatGPT prompt: Please triple space the response above to make it more readable and remove any bullets.



⛔ 3. Don’t “educate” CXOs on their jobs or business

Want to get your email deleted immediately? Communicate what the execs already know like they don’t know it….especially if it is something they should know.

ChatGPT prompt: Remove anything that an executive in this industry probably already knows.

( Just kidding! You don’t need a prompt for this. Just don’t write like a marketer! Leave that stuff out.)



⛔ 4. Don’t include case studies or long articles

No exec has time to read a 3-page case study. So use AI to distill the goodness, shorter.

ChatGPT prompt: “Summarize this in less than 500 characters in a provocative way that creates action.” Then, paste your case study text after this prompt.



⛔ 5. Cut the fluff

Please don’t write stuff like, “I am so appreciative you took the time for me to meet you yesterday in our meeting and I’m thrilled to continue to demonstrate how we can help your teams be productive in this new economic reality we find ourselves in.”

(Did you even read all that? I didn’t read all that. — KF)

ChatGPT prompt: “Remove any fluff or overly casual conversation language from the text below.” Then, paste your email.



⛔ 6. Don’t attach decks without linking to specific slides to look at

Execs will NOT go through your 25-slide deck. They WILL look at 2 slides. And they will not be the slides you want.

ChatGPT prompt: N/A. Instead consider just putting images of the slides right in the email and losing the deck.

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⛔ 7. Do not link the entire call recording

You think they weren’t paying attention much during the meeting? Just wait — that call recording’s gonna be even more useless.

ChatGPT prompt: “Summarize the text below in less than 7 sentences.” Then, paste in the call transcripts after this prompt.

Note: Careful! Sometimes call transcripts are too long for AI to reliably find the best part. Be sure to refine the response using some of the prompts above.

You spend a ton of time preparing communications with executives, and keeping them in the loop is CRITICAL in renewals, expansions, and new business deals.

Don’t let the messenger kill the message by delivering it in a way that few executives will pay attention to. You’ll be left wondering why your executive didn’t help you out.

…it’s because they didn’t wander into the weeds you were taking them into.



Edited by Kendra Fortmeyer @ Sales Hacker 2023


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