32 Omnichannel Technology Tools to Sell Anywhere, All the Time

Three-fourths of customers report using multiple channels throughout their shopping journey. Consequently, if you don’t have omnichannel technology tools in your sales stack, you’re already behind competition.

Fortunately, there are some great tools on the market to help businesses conquer omnichannel sales. With these solutions in place, you’ll be able to seamlessly take customers from the research phase to final purchase. But with so many solutions available, it can be difficult to narrow your options down to just one.

This guide will help you learn a little more about your options in omnichannel technology.

Why Omnichannel?

Before you get started on your search, it’s important to understand how customers shop.

This is perfectly illustrated by the buying funnel. This concept describes the steps a shopper goes through before making a final buying decision. It starts with an awareness that they want or need an item, followed by the familiarity stage, where they learn more about how to fulfill that need.

As a shopper, you’re at the familiarity stage as you seek to learn more about the technology you need to win customers. Your target customers are still at the beginning, though, where they’ll hopefully find their way down the funnel.

Statistics show that they go online to do this, with 82 percent of customers using the internet for research before buying.

This has given rise to the “omnishopper,” which refers to the habit of researching across multiple devices. To satisfy this shopper, brands must not only have a robust online presence but also omnichannel technology in place to manage sales.

What Does Omnichannel Technology Look Like in Sales?

You likely already know what customers will see when they launch a search for the products or services you sell. You’ve optimized your content for SEO and ensured you’re in compliance with Google regulations. But even if you’re ranking well, this may not translate to conversions.

A good omnichannel tool makes it as easy as possible for customers to get the information they need. If they can’t find it on your website, they should be able to easily launch a chat with one of your friendly employees.

Most importantly, you need the analytics required to track all of their activities. You should be consistently monitoring customer activity to improve your offerings to meet their always-changing needs.

Now that you know what features a great sales tool has, this list can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

We’ve gathered the best of the best to make your search as easy as possible.

Customer Interactions

omnichannel technology customer interactions


GeneSys empowers contact centers to easily manage customer interactions across all channels.

The software monitors customer journeys and helps route customers from social media to calling on the phone to emailing, chatting, or sending a text message.

  • Notable Clients: PayPal, Vodafone, Marks & Spencer
  • Supported Channels: Website, email, social media, phone, chat, SMS


Nextiva’s NextOS platform is our favorite for its wide range of features. In addition to chat, you’ll also easily launch surveys and conduct voice chat over VoIP phone systems. Moreover, you can track customer activity, and gather everything in a CRM.

NextOS tracks customer behaviors across every channel and gives you the information you need to turn that data into action. You’ll also have rules that will help you make sure all of your activities are consistent, whether you’re meeting customers on social media, in text, or in chat.

  • Notable Clients: Netflix, Ashley, Taco Bell
  • Supported Channels: Website, social media, voice, email


LogMeIn’s Bold360 gives you the tools necessary to interact with customers across a variety of platforms. Conversations are monitored across your website, social media, and customer chats. Thus making it easy to route incoming requests to the appropriate representatives.

When a team member gets an invitation to interact with a customer, the totality of the conversation is available for view to make those interactions more effective.

  • Notable Clients: Intuit, The North Face, Vodafone
  • Supported Channels: Website, social media, messaging, video chat


omnichannel technology messaging


If you want to build messaging into all your platforms, you’ll need an API. Phizzle lets you sync all of your customer communications across Twitter, email, SMS, and more.

Phizzle uses identity resolution to ensure your reps know the full history of each customer. All data is combined in one place to give your team the information to run successful lead generation marketing campaigns.

  • Notable Clients: HBO, Ben & Jerry’s, Subway
  • Supported Channels: Website, social media, email, SMS


Chat is an important part of supporting customers, and Userlike specializes in multichannel chat support. Whether customers are hanging out on your Facebook business page or browsing your website, you can invite them to chat.

If you’re offline, a chatbot collects information on interested customers and then forwards the chat to a rep.

  • Notable Clients: Sage, Trivago, Harvard University
  • Supported Channels: Website, Facebook, Telegram, SMS


Smoope specializes in multichannel communications, with messaging services built into websites and apps.

When a customer wants to reach you, help is just a click away. You can also send files and go through past conversations. One of Smoope’s biggest strengths is its multilingual support, which comes in handy for businesses that operate internationally.

  • Notable Clients: Vodafone, Artelia, BrightOne
  • Supported Channels: Website, apps, messenger software


omnichannel technology email


GetResponse is a popular email tool to create sales emails that get responses. But you can also create landing pages, web forms, and autoresponders using the tool.

A drag-and-drop email creator lets you track customer interactions and send targeted emails in real time. Behind it all are advanced analytics that bring you information on customers that will help you customize your interactions.

  • Notable Clients: Hilton, Avon, Tiger Woods Foundation
  • Supported Channels: Email, website, webinars

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Omnisend offers email marketing automation for anyone who sells online.

Omnisend employs a visual drag-and-drop builder that makes email creation easy, and their automation workflows come with tons of pre-optimized templates that you just customize, enable, and you’re on your way.

  • Notable clients: Unilever, Samsung, Faber-Castell, INGLOT Canada
  • Supported channels: Email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook & Google retargeting ads


Reply is a tool that helps your sales teams create email campaigns for inbound and outbound sales. You can set up drip campaigns that automatically deploy to the appropriate customers at the perfect time.

  • Notable Clients: Product Hunt, Business Insider, Capterra
  • Supported Channels: Email, CRM


It’s no longer enough to send blanket emails to large groups of people. Selligent curates data from all of your channels to help you create personalized emails. You’ll contact customers at their exact location in the buying journey, making it far more likely they’ll act on your message. If a customer makes a purchase, for instance, you can email a message asking for a rating. This data is then collated to improve your marketing campaigns.

  • Notable Clients: Intercontinental Hotels Group, Volcom, Wayfair
  • Supported Channels: Website, email, mobile, CRM


omnichannel technology personalization

Adobe Target

Today’s customers expect a personalized approach from brands, and Adobe seeks to deliver it. You merely insert a line of code on any of your properties where you want tracking. After this, wait for the analytics to do their work.

By monitoring the activities of customers, you can adjust your sales and marketing campaigns to better meet demands. A visitor profile is built for each customer that translates across every platform of yours that customer uses.

  • Notable Clients: Vodafone, Marriott, Dell
  • Supported Channels: Website, apps


Personyze runs in the background, creating profiles of each visitor to your website. That information is then used to deliver personalized marketing messages and ads to improve sales.

Profiles pull information from interactions with your site, as well as more than 70 other attributes. These include social media information, data from your CRM, geolocation, and form or login input.

  • Notable Clients: HomeAway, iForex, Kaplan International Colleges
  • Supported Channels: Website, email


SiteSpect gains information on your visitors and works to present a consistent user experience. The software runs in the background to make sure customer history is seamless across devices.

  • Notable Clients: Walmart, SurveyMonkey, Staples
  • Supported Channels: Website, mobile


omnichannel technology ecommerce


Retailers have unique needs when it comes to sales. BigCommerce works to address those needs. Recognizing that many customers move from store to website and back again, BigCommerce builds in features to make it easy.

You can connect your in-store POS to your website to ensure that when you sell an item, your inventory automatically updates.

  • Notable Clients: Skullcandy, PayPal Here, Toyota
  • Supported Channels: In store, website, social media


For smaller retail operations, there’s Shopify. Its marketplace helps you set up an online shop and link it to your brick-and-mortar. You can also set your business up to sell through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The Theme Store lets you pick out a look for your shop and set it up in a few easy steps.

  • Notable Clients: MVMT, Bombas, Gymshark
  • Supported Channels: In store, Shopify store, social media


Apptus uses big data and machine learning to improve a business’s online merchandising. Pages are optimized to a customer’s personal preference. Visitors, therefore, will see items they’re most likely to buy. This technology applies whether they’re visiting your site on a computer or mobile.

  • Notable Clients: Kicks, Pfister, Toyota Material Handling
  • Supported Channels: Website, mobile


Whether you sell in store, online, or a combination of both, Magento offers a seamless customer experience. You can set it up so that your customers can order online and pick up the item in the store for increased sales. The app also includes order and inventory management to help with your day-to-day operations.

  • Notable Clients: Coca-Cola, Bauhaus, Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Supported Channels: In store, website, mobile


Ecommerce retailers don’t interact with customers in one place, so they need a sales management tool that can keep up. Oracle’s Bronto helps brands create customized email campaigns that reach customers at the right time. It does this by gathering information on customer social media interactions, purchases, website interactions, and more.

  • Notable Clients: Trek, Rebecca Minkoff, Lucky Brand
  • Supported Channels: Website, email, Shopify store, social

Social Selling

omnichannel technology social selling


They use “social listening” to learn more about each customer and put that information to use. Teleperformance’s social map builds a social media strategy to help you better engage your customers across all relevant social platforms.

  • Notable Clients: None listed
  • Supported Channels: Website, social media


With SocialPort, rFactr incorporates social media into your sales processes.The tool specializes in content syndication. It searches for information relevant to your brand and helps you put it to use on your own website and social platforms.

  • Notable Clients: SAP, Oracle, Intuit
  • Supported Channels: Website, social media


One top way to reach customers today is through the use of influencers. Insightpool is a comprehensive database that identifies influencers from more than 100 different platforms. You can then reach out to those influencers to ask them to spread the word about your great product.

  • Notable Clients: Coca-Cola, UPS, NBCUniversal
  • Supported Channels: Social, blogging


omnichannel technology self service


No matter how delightful your support team members are, many customers prefer to get answers to their questions without making contact. In addition to providing a fully customizable support hub that customers can use across all platforms, TeamSupport offers an internal knowledgebase.

There’s also built-in chat to let customers interact with your representatives if they can’t find the answers they need.

  • Notable Clients: NBA, American Lung Association, FujiFilm
  • Supported Channels: Website, mobile, chat


HappyFox specializes in help desk solutions for businesses. The self-service portal lets customers place and check the status of tickets, interact with other customers, and get answers to their questions.

HappyFox also helps you provide customer service to customers on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Notable Clients: Leap Frog, Lowe’s, Sennheiser
  • Supported Channels: Website, mobile, social


Using the latest A.I. technology, Solvvy helps customers get the help they need, when they need it. The technology gathers information on customer interactions and uses the data to build a comprehensive library of resources. These libraries are built from past tickets, so they’ll easily address your most commonly-reported issues.

  • Notable Clients: TaskRabbit, Upwork, Blue Apron
  • Supported Channels: Website, mobile, help desk tickets

Product Listings

omnichannel technology product listings

Omni Channel Hub

Displaying your products on your website is an important tool in getting them sold. But if you’re listing them across multiple marketplaces in addition to your website, that can be a challenge.

Omni Channel Hub helps you prepare and submit effective listings on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping. Inventory is synced to ensure all information is constantly up-to-date.

  • Notable Clients: None listed
  • Supported Channels: Website, ecommerce platforms


No matter how many products you have in your inventory, Ecomdash lets you upload each product and manage it using SKU mapping and other tools. You can also easily make changes across all platforms and import any prebuilt templates you have for your products.

  • Notable Clients: MeatSnacker, Radar Toys, Big Daddy Guns
  • Supported Channels: Website, ecommerce platforms


ChannelAdvisor’s goal is to give you all the sales management tools needed to list, sell, and ship your inventory. You’ll upload your items and they’ll be formatted as necessary to meet the requirements of each platform. You can sell on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and dozens more. The software integrates with your fulfillment partners to ensure items are shipped in a timely manner.

  • Notable Clients: Karen Kane, Timex, KitchenAid
  • Supported Channels: Website, ecommerce platforms


omnichannel technology fulfillment


Radial tailors its solutions directly to retailers interested in omnichannel. You’ll have support for ship-from-store, ship-to-store, and in-store pickup.

  • Notable Clients: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Shoe Carnival, PetSmart
  • Supported Channels: Website, in store


An important part of omnichannel is the ability to let customers shop both online and in your store. If you have a brick-and-mortar, ship-to-store is an important feature for your website to offer. ShipStation helps with that. If you’re using a marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, you can set up order fulfillment to make sure orders go in the mail as quickly as possible.

  • Notable Clients: Spigen, Sock Club, LobsterAnywhere
  • Supported Channels: Website, in store, ecommerce platforms


Sellbrite recognizes that many retailers go beyond merely selling on one website. Setup is easy and once the tool is in place, you’ll be able to list your inventory across multiple channels.

You’ll also have centralized shipping software so that you can get items in the mail as soon as they’re ordered.

  • Notable Clients: JJ Designer Jewelry, Labelle’s China, Dweebzilla
  • Supported Channels: Website, in store, ecommerce platforms

Inventory Management

omnichannel technology inventory management


RestockPro is an inventory management tool that helps sellers manage their Amazon FBA inventory to maximize profits, avoid running out of stock, and forecast profitability on a per SKU basis.

The tool offers insight into ASIN profitability, sales trends, and supplier performance. Merchants are able to manage their supply chain end-to-end: from creating purchase orders to putting together the shipment to Amazon.

  • Notable Clients: Kidzlane, Barnwood USA
  • Supported Channels: Amazon Sales


Multiple platforms mean multiple concerns. This includes managing products in various warehouses and distribution centers. As you grow, MageStore grows with you, making it easy for you to transfer products from one location to another.

  • Notable Clients: Poppets, Esmokes, Decathlon
  • Supported Channels: Website, in store


Wherever you’re selling, GoECart can track and manage it for you. In-store POS, warehousing, and fulfillment are all included.

You’ll have multi-location inventory and fulfillment services along with inventory costing and profitability. GoECart tracks progress in real time so you never have to worry about overselling an item.

  • Notable Clients: Badgley Mischka, Brunomagli, SoccerPro.com
  • Supported Channels: Website, in store, ecommerce platforms
Gaetano is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva. With a proven track record of success working with B2B SaaS brands, Gaetano leverages a unique hybrid of expertise in both SEO & Content Strategy to win business results. Outside of marketing, Gaetano is an accomplished music producer and songwriter. To get in touch, follow him on Twitter via @gaetano_nyc

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